Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What to do with the ol' CHI bag....

Today I frantically searched the net to find a laptop sleeve that would actually fit my computer. Yes, I bought my laptop back in the stone age, aka August 2004, and it's really really bulky. I couldn't afford the sleek G4, so I went with the Compaq, which has a 17'' monitor, and is 2 inches thick. Yes, 2 inches. All the "extra-large" laptop sleeves I could find weren't large enough to fit my 2 inch brick. So, I decided to make my own laptop sleeve. This sleeve has layers. The innermost is a really soft old t-shirt. This t-shirt is then surrounded with "egg-cart foam patches". The next layer is fake sheep-skin. And the final layer is my CHI bag from the conference in Portland. I re-sewed the bag, to make it fit over the sheep skin more snuggly. The sheep-skin flap has a strip of velcro on it to seal it shut. The sleeve fits my laptop perfectly, and I think all the padding is going to work well.

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