Saturday, October 22, 2005

Plead for Accessibility

Growing up with my step-dad in a wheelchair really opened my eyes to how non-accessible our world is. This weekend my family and I went on a short trip to Missoula, MT. First, it was nearly impossible to find a hotel room that had a room with a roll in shower. The only room we found was at the Wingate Hotel, and this room only had one queen sized bed. I guess this means that Wingate believes that people in wheel chairs either 1) don't have families or 2) travel alone or at most with one other person. As I sat at the desk in the hotel room my step-dad could not get around me to access the adjoining bathroom. The room is small, but if the people in charge of organizing the room would have sat in a wheel chair and rolled around the room, they might have considered putting the desk in the corner, instead of right next to the door. My complaining, could go on, like how the restaurant parking lot didn't have available handicap parking, but, my complaining would take up a lot of space. I'll keep my message simple, there is a major need in our world to make services and environments more accessible, and I hope designers can all keep that in mind.

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