Monday, January 25, 2010

Icelandic Paradise

My short 4 day stay in Iceland was difficult. I had packed for a Minnesota August only to find that sweaters and mittens were a must. The only affordable place we could find to stay was a hostel with a communal bed that could fit around 20- to which I instantly called "I get the wall!" We waited almost an hour for a bus only to learn that we were told to wait at the wrong stop. I admit that I did enjoy walking around Reykjavik- after buying some warmer gear- and I enjoyed watching the Olympic handball final with the locals at the library. They were going crazy- and ended up getting the silver medal. But, overall, I was anxious to get home and relax in a more comfortable bed. Then, we stopped at the best hot springs I've ever been to- The Blue Lagoon. It was so wonderful that I've completely changed my mind about Iceland and would love to go back- even if I had just a few hours - to relax in the brilliantly hot aquamarine waters.

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