Friday, January 29, 2010

Butcher and Singer: Philadelphia

Butcher and Singer is a great place to get a steak- albeit an expensive one. The restaurant may remind you of a bank with its tall marble pillars or Wall Street with its bronze bull statues. The decor provides insight into the building's history. Around 1900, it started out as the The National Bank. It then moved on to become the "Butcher and Singer Stock brokerage." It's a very large space, but the low, warm lighting and leather seating gives it a cozy feel.

The website states "you are sure to feel like a celebrity" and indeed you do. Their staff hound you like the paparazzi, though they are quite respectful. Our attentive waiter told us of the remaining bank vaults in the basement. He also told us of the restaurant's claim to fame- on a fully booked night, the owner turned away Bill Clinton during Bill's term as president.

The portions are large and are enough for two- even though our waitress (yes, we had a waiter and a waitress) told us otherwise.

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