Monday, December 24, 2007

Yahoo! Shortcuts Gone Wrong

Since my college days, I've been on the mailing list for American Eagle Outfitters (AE). Now that I am through grad school and have a job, my clothing style and preference has greatly changed. So, today I decided to take myself off the AE mailing list. On the bottom of the AE email it reads: "Changing your e-mail address? Update it now or change your preferences on receiving information from AE." The words 'Update' and 'AE' are underlined. Since I wanted to change my preferences on receiving information from AE, I figured I should click on 'AE' at the end of the sentence. As I scrolled over it, I was given a map of United Arab Emirates. It was an interesting jump from highschool/college hipster clothes to a map of a country bordering the Persian Golf. Looks like Yahoo! shortcuts is trying to bring global awareness to its shoppers.

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