Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cheese Tasting 3: St. Andre vs. Bucheron Goat Cheese

For tonight's tasting, I have two creamy cheses: St Andre and Bucheron. The pairings are as usual (chocolate, cracker, and membrillo) but I have added a nice hot cup of English Breakfst tea with milk for this bitter Boston evening.

St. Andre has a very light tast and velvety smooth texture. It really does melt in my mouth. St. Andre and cracker: great! With membrillo: nice, but a bit bland. It is hard to get a clear taste of either one, but nonetheless it is a pleasant snack. With dark chocolate: amazing! It is like eating a chocolate truffle. It's hard to resist. I will definitely have to serve this combo for a dessert sometime.

The Bucheron is stronger than the St. Andre, with a nice goat's cheese flavor. With the cracker: good. I could imagine eating it with toast for breakfast. After eating the St. Andra with chocolate, this cheese really wakes me up from my chocolate truffle dream with its strong bite. Bucheron with membrillo: Interesting. The membrillo sweetens up the goat's cheese. it would be a nice combination to go with some hot toast. Bucheron with the chocolate: Good. The goat's cheese really brings at out the bitterness of the chocolate. It's a bitter treat.

It was quite a pleasant tasting tonight. I still cannot get over how supreme the St. Andra and dark chocolate go together.

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