Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ok... The cheese isn't THAT bad

About a year ago, I posted my belief that the cheese in the U.S. isn't very good. Please forgive my ignorance- I am from Montana, where the grocery stores have a very limited selection and that had tainted my views. Just last month, it took some effort to find Mascarpone cheese in Kalispell, MT, but, we eventually found it.

Now that I am living in Boston, and have access to Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods, I have realized that there is a very fine variety of cheeses (imported and local) in the U.S., albeit for lots of cash. Since I am very fond of cheese, I have decided to splurge and buy a different kind each week from the local WF.

I will post my opinions of cheese here in my blog, mostly so I can remember which was which. This will also ensure at least a weekly post, which, since my last one was almost a year ago, is quite a commitment for me.

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La Chounie said...

There are some excellent cheeses in US. One that comes to mind is a goats cheese. I can t remember from reach region though. Somewhere in California. The wine is good too!