Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cheese Tasting 1: Artisan Garretxa vs. Manchego Raw Sheep's Milk

The Artisan Garretxa is smooth to bite. I sliced it thin, and the rind gives an interesting, moldy cheese taste, which is actually quite good. It's quite mild, apart from the rind. It is a almost white, which you can see in the picture on the right side of the plate.
With Dark Chocolate: Good
With Membrillo: Ok. The consistency wasn't a good match with the mebrillo, the smooth texture did not provide enough contrast. Taste was ok.
With cracker: Good.

The Manchego is slightly harder than the artisan, more similar to a parmesan with a crumbly texture. It is a darker yellow color (bottom of picture). The flavor was stronger, and dry. Perhaps 'nuttier.'
With Dark Chocolate: I was surprised, it was very good.
With Membrillo: Very good. The cheese is harder than the membrillo, and I like that contrast.
With cracker: Ok. A bit too hard.

Overall, they were both great cheeses. I was surprised at how well the Manchego went with chocolate, since it has a stronger flavor. I would imagine more people would like the artisan, since it was milder. But, I prefer to the Manchego. However, I could imagine the artisan going quite well with a ham sandwich.

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La Chounie said...

You might also want some thing to drink with that lovely platter, perhaps a sweet muscat or vintage port. A Botrytis sticky, they go very well with strong cheeses. If you have the cash, a 1986 Chateau D' Ychem. Wait till I am there before you open that last bottle.