Monday, January 15, 2007

Recent Books & Movie Review

Since I haven't posted a blog in almost a year, one of my New Year's Resolutions is to get in tune with the online world and blog more. A summary of recent events: I just got back from Australia where I lived in Canberra for a year. Now I'm hiding out in the wilderness of Montana. Besides the always entertaining company of my family, I've been reading and watching movies.

Last night I finished "The Confederacy of the Dunces." Very easy read, I found myself reading about 40 pages a night, and I'm not usually a quick reader. While my favorite books are about revenge and drama (I love the Count of Monte Cristo), I found this book entertaining but somewhat lacking. Or, perhaps the better adjective is annoying. A few of the characters, including Ignatius (main character) and Mrs. Levy and Trixie, really got on my nerves. I think that is what kept me reading, the hope that these characters would change for the better. I don't want to sound too negative about this book though. I really liked the character Jones, very funny. The dialogue is colorful, and the characters each have a very unique personality. Read it when you have time.

Last night I also watched "Dogville." A very strange film, I was not expecting it to be completely filmed on a stage-like set. Very drawn out. The main character Grace (Nicole Kidman) showed two extreme personalities. For most of the film, she is an overly docile young woman, who forgives all cruel acts committed against her and somehow manages to remain a character who could be described as 'sweet, innocent, naive.' But at the finale of the film, she goes to the direct opposite, and while still speaking in a whisper-like voice, she becomes the most savage and cruel villain. The second main character, a young man that Grace depends on to be her friend is also an interesting character. He is so focused on the psychological and social aspects of the town from a scholarly point of view, that he shockingly is able to ignore the injustices and crimes happening right in front of him. If you are able to sit through a 3 hour film, and stomach or look away from a few very disturbing scenes, this film was interesting in portraying how terrible acts can be blamed on circumstance rather than face-up-value of morality.

A week ago I went with my family to the current Disney film "Primeval." This was not my choice, nor do I recommend anyone seeing it, even when it comes out on HBO. It was a Hollywood pre-manufactured script of good looking, stoic main character who is a top-notch journalist and his black-bestfriend-who-is-the-sole-funny-character fly to Africa to save the world from a large crocodile. Their small group consists of good looking journalist-woman-hoping-to-move-up-the-ladder, a crocodile expert who thinks crocodiles are more important than humans since the world has more humans than crocs, and a 'skilled' hunter. Interestingly enough the 'skilled' hunter who actually possesses knowledge about living in wild Africa is one of the first to die. The main character and woman, while they hale from NYC, are able to outlive bullets from terrorists and the jaws of the beast, to peacefully fly back home hand in hand. Please Disney, don't do this again.

One a happier note, "Little Miss Sunshine" was very enjoyable. Any film that gets all the main characters on stage to do an awkward dance is definitely worth watching.

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